-The Gift of Time

It all began with a simple, but challenging idea: Design a high quality, cost effective, college preparatory alternative that GIVES TIME BACK to parents and students so they can develop closer relationships.

That single GIFT of TIME has proven to be . . .

• The most precious commodity we could have given busy and involved parents and
• The most strategic contribution we could have made to the total education of students.

Research has overwhelmingly indicated that the most influential people in a child’s education do not even work at school. They live in the home!

The University-Model of Education (UME) emphasizes the importance of developing strong family relationships and structures the educational process in order to address the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of children. This is accomplished by accessing the single most powerfully known influence for reforming education in America:

Involved Parents!

The significance of the UME lies in its ability to effectively utilize parents at home in partnership with highly qualified professional instructors on-campus to gain better educational results among students of all academic levels. UME schools not only empower parents in this teaching paradigm, but Dr. John Turner, in his UME book, Character-Driven, College Preparation, indicates that these schools “are also demonstrating the positive difference made when parents know that they are built into the learning process – needed, wanted, and expected.” (p.21)

We invite you to learn more about the University-Model of Education. It might provide you and your children with the Gift of Time that is so desperately needed.

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